Buoncammino Church

Santa Teresa Gallura Sardinia - Chiesa del Buon Cammino

As you leave Santa Teresa, take the road to Olbia. After approximately two kilometers, you will come across a small road to your right. Turn off and after a few hundred meters take a right and keep walking until you come to a small square surrounded by olive trees. There you will find a small church called " Chiesetta del Nostro Signore di Buoncammino". The church is built in the form of a cross with a dome on the presbytery. The architecture reflects the Welsh constructions; the only unusual element is the dome which is very different from other religious architecture in this area. The present church was built in the beginning of the 1900's but, according to various manuscripts, a sanctuary was planned to be built many years ago. Its name originates from the fact that in those days, there was only one road leading to the Temple of Pausania and anyone traveling, would first stop here to pray. Even today this church is visited by the inhabitants of Santa Teresa Gallura, especially during the month of May. The feast of the Madonna and Saint Anthony is celebrated on June 13th and on this occasion, beef broth along with its meat, tripe and wine is distributed among the participants.