In a blue cloth with red braids decoration, it is composed of a bodice closed by operculum buttons, familiarly called St. Lucia' s eyes, and a full white shirt adorned with lace and embroideries, which comes down to trousers and skirts held by a wide red sash. The pleated skirt is embroidered with floral pattern which recalls the vegetation of the past village's courts: roses, cyclamens and ivy. You can find the same embroidery (carefully refined by the local emboiderers) on wraps and aprons which complete the women's costume. Corals and filigrees are the jewels which embellish the outfit and rapresent the main phases of life: engagements, weddings, children. The colour blue symbolizes the sea and red the coral which is the most precious gift in sardinia seabed.



About 30 years ago, Mrs Franca Letteri Colombo as leader of the cultural centre promoted a very careful study of Sardinian folklore and in particular of folk dances. The people's response was unespected and enthusiastic and it brought to the setting up of Lungoni's group. This group, after a qualified training with famous Sardinian musicians took part to the most important festivals such as the " Sagra del Redentore" (the Rereemer's festival) in Nuoro, the "Cavalcata Sarda" ( the Sardinian Cavalcade) in Sassari and S.Efisio's festival in Cagliari. Besides this group has carried out a very important tourist promotion not only in Italy but also abroad.E' realizzato in panno blu con decorazioni di passamaneria rossa.