Porto Pozzo

Porto Pozzo Sardinia

PORTO POZZO is set on a beautiful fiord, 350 meters wide and 4 kilometers deep, to the west of the mouth of the Liscia River. This fraction of Santa Teresa Gallura is a very popular tourist attraction because of its particular setting. This humid area, surrounded by the beautiful peninsula of Coluccia is rich with swamps leading to the sea. This particular section of the peninsula is of special value due to the rich vegetation and bird life where lavender plants and sea poppies thrive in the midst of this unusual Mediterranean vegetation. In springtime, the blooming of the juniper offers an incomparable sight and the endless shoreline with its perfect climate grants a marvelous sensation. The humidity of the grounds assures an everlasting vegetation of tamarisk, myrtle, erica and reddish, wild strawberry trees. Grey carrion crows and ocean roller shells nest in these waters and find a perfect habitat.You may reach the Coluccia peninsula by car, turning left on the Santa Teresa Gallura - Palau road, not too far from the turnoff for S. Pasquale. However, you may get there from l'isola dei Gabbiani, in the Palau area, directly from the parking lot behind the dunes of the beach called "Liscia". Continue right after the beach, until you get to the isthmus and the road leading to Coluccia. Until not too long ago, the area was untouched and in its natural state. Thanks to constructions built only in the area called "Conca Verde", it had maintained its fascination of an ancient and striking structure. Today it has changed into an active and fascinating center with all comforts provided.