Cala Grande - Moon Valley

Cala Grande - Valle della luna - Santa Teresa Gallura Sardegna
Once past Capo Testa isthm, take a whita lane on the left and go along for 1 km. As soon as you get a group of cottages, follow that way on the rightas far as a small square, from which you can get a path (700 metres among bushes of mediterranean scrub) to the valley. Shortly before getting there, you'll notice a huge broken rock (700 cubic metres about). Along its 15 metres lenght you'll see lots of holes: they date back to roman times. The Romans used the tecnique of stakes (first wet and then swellowed) inserted in holes to cut the stone in a precise way. The Moon's Valley offers three wonderful beaches. The primordial beautifulness of the place, the huge granitic rocks, shaped by millenarian action of the wind, the sea, ever dominating the landscape, the incontaminated mediterranean scrub, make this place unique. Since 1968 this placehas been the meeting point of the pictoresque community of hippies from all over Europe. Here they have found the materialization of their dreams of primitive purity, and in some way international fame. Today, getting exausted that cultural movement, you can not find many of them spending their holidays in a cave or in a tent( also 'cause camping is not allowed). On the other hand lots of visitors wonder about the rough tracks and the marvellous rocks that remind lunar landscape. The view offered by the inlet is really imposing for its peculiar granitic complex.